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 New York City ethnic media free color advertising for Black-Owned Businesses and MWBE Newspaper/Online

Oscar Larsson CEO of ShopBlackLatinoMWBEOwnedBusnisses.Com

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Former Mayor Bill de Blasio created the “Shop Your City” drive, aimed at uplifting local enterprises. This endeavor not only celebrated the uniqueness of each community but also encouraged both online and in-person shopping, fostering local business resilience and communal cohesion. Within this initiative, the emergence of ShopNewYorkCity.NYC newspaper providing the first ever free advertising on colored newspaper and online across New York City to Black Latino MWBE owned businesses (Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises). ShopNewYorkCity.NYC’s newspaper size is 11X20 that is the same size compared to the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal! With our goal to support the current mayor Eric Adams and his team at the mayor’s office of ethnic and community media Shop Black Latino MWBE owned businesses covers critical media that is not typically seen in todays major outlets. Due to the overwhelming support from our sponsors who  made it possible to distribute 65,000 monthly newspaper copies for free in the five boroughs! Recognizing the positive impact, this effort created an advantageous opportunity for thousands of businesses that received free colored advertising in our newspaper and online. After witnessing the success in NYC was established two years later, dedicating a team to support and improve Black and Latino MWBE owned businesses, further empowering diversity, equity and inclusion. With the belief that what works in NYC will work all across America.

ShopBlackLatinoMWBEOwnedBusnisses.Com, a dynamic NYC official ethnic media outlet, is a powerful advocate for change and progress within the black Latino community and MWBE. From its roots in the heart of New York City, ShopBlackLatinoMWBEOwnedBusnisses.Com has become a beacon of support, empowerment, and representation for Black Latino owned businesses, and now extends its reach nationwide to advertise by newspaper/online totally free for Black Latino MWBE owned businesses. 


Office number: 845-718-6300